Sunday, January 1, 2006

A tale of two parties.

Oh, how I've grown. Yesterday we had invitations to two New Year's parties. The first one was a pot-luck dinner party where kids were invited. Only one couple was childless at the party. Poor them. We tried valiantly to talk about books, movies, music, the world, but kids would keep creeping into the conversation. I am partly to blame. The host of the party sells diapers, and I needed to talk to her about buying some more. Naturally the conversation briefly stayed on diapers as I needed other advice as well. At one point Emmett had a mouthful of food he didn't want so he walked up to me and spit it out in my hand (classy). The childless ones tried to keep a straight face, valiantly. No one else at the table even blinked. The party was tame, we sat around a beautiful antique dining table, eating and talking, beer or wine consumed responsibly. The noise at the party was children's voices, and the cartoon on the TV. We left at bedtime and came home to tuck our little ones in and say hello to MIL, the babysitter. Emmet had to borrow some pants to go home in because he had an "accident".

For the second party we set off across town to a hotel where there were several rooms rented by my brother and a couple of his buddies. We could tell exactly which rooms to go to as soon as we stepped off the elevator. One room was packed with people--guys in baggy jeans and t-shirts and skinny young girls with tight clothes and too much eye makeup. The bathtub was full of ice, a keg and all sorts of hard liquor (except Jagermeister--that was all gone by the time we got there) Someone's pants were hanging over the shower curtain rod drip-drying from being in the pool. The air was blue with smoke (all kinds). The noise level was high. You had to yell to be heard. At midnight a giant (I mean GIANT) joint was passed around. I missed that part. My asthma was getting unhappy with the cigarette smoke in my brother's room. I didn't want to tempt fate. We were tempted to leave when people started daring each other to do keg stands. I didn't want to get blood on my new sweater. We really left when the drunk, stoned people started playing with fireworks indoors. I hear this was just before the puking started. We ended up hanging our coats up outside when we got home.

I was in bed at 2:00AM and then up just before 6:00AM with Charlotte. I'll bet the party was just starting to lose steam as I was getting up to feed the baby.

I'd say I feel my grey hair today, but as of yesterday, I don't have any!!! I had my last haircut with a stylist I've been seeing for more than 8 years. She knows as much about me as my best friend and husband put together. I wish her well in her move, but I am pouty at the same time. I got to the point with her that I could sit down in the chair and let her do whatever she wanted and I knew I would look good. How long will it take to get to that point with someone else???

Happy New Year!!!


sugarmama said...

Hey, thought I would drop in and read your blog. I am going to read as much as I can and still get a reasonable amount of work done, but I wanted to comment when I saw that your daughter's name is Charlotte?? Is that right? My daughter's name is Charlotte also! Small, small world. My Charlotte is 11 months old now. how old is yours? Well thank you for reading my blog, now I have to get back to yours. Love it so far! I think you and I have a lot in common.

sugarmama said...

I've just finished your blog and I uh....was wondering can do a tarot reading for me? I'm embarassed to ask that for some reason. Does that work over the internet?? Hee hee! I am obsessed with Tarot and have wanted to learn to read them forever but I always put it off. Anyway I loved your blog and I hope you have a great day.

Unknown said...

Hi sugermama

What a small world, indeed! My Charlotte is 8 months old and is a teething terror at the moment. I loved the name because it is so pretty and feminine, and it can grow into a womanly name. I also have a 2-1/2 year old boy, Emmett.

I felt like we had a lot in common when I read your blog too--that is why I keep going back.

I will have to do a little research on how to do readings from afar. If it works over the phone, it could work this way too. (I won't charge you by the minute!!)

Have a great afternoon