Saturday, May 30, 2009

More rambling.

Richard and I went back for a second look at one house, a first look at another house. We are happy enough with the second look that Richard is going to call the bank on Monday and see what the good or bad news is. We should also look into a home inspector, if we can find one that doesn't reek of snake oil. (Local readers: any recommendations?)

That means I need to start prepping our house for sale. I hate having a house on the market. Having people tromp through looking at my stuff is so invasive. We are hoping for a best-case scenario where the bank will let us move out before selling. It happens. Don't look at me like that.

Of course, I am preparing for the worst and envision a rented storage unit in our future. I also envision emptying the kids rooms while they are out of the house so they can't see everything that needs to be packed up being removed in front of them.
I turn into a very ugly person when my house has to be spotless all the time. I don't like the person I become.

While I am sitting over here having an anxiety attack, enjoy some signs of Spring I have noticed at my house:

This little guy showed up on our doorstep last night, probably fresh out of his nest. We fended off the neighbour's cats while he figured out how his wings work.

I have beautiful ferns growing along one side of my house. The ladybug was perfectly posed, don't you think?

Friday, May 29, 2009


So, a house came on the market in my neighbourhood that I have admired for all the years that I have lived here. I checked out the listing and thought the price was a little steep for us. I mentioned it offhand to Richard who promptly said "Oh THAT house? Call [our Realtor] tonight. Go look at it." Well, the day before my appointment it sold.

There is another house in our neighbourhood for sale. On a whim (and since I was out with the Realtor anyway) I asked if we could take a peek. It is quite a bit scruffier than the other home, but it is 1000 sq feet bigger than my house and is on a fenced lot that is easily triple the size of the postage stamp of grass we currently have for a yard. I see tonnes of potential. My mom said she could help me paint and yank up funky carpet. The kids would have a yard. I would have a craft room. There are a few things in the cons list, like an odd cedar-lined hole in one of the bedrooms (Thwarted attempt at adding a closet? Who knows?) and the fact that it is on a very busy intersection. I have been nagging Richard for two days to go look.

I hate being in between things. I want to know if this is a real possibility for us. I want to know what chance we have of selling our house before that one gets sold. I really love the house we are in, it is beautiful, but I feel like we are growing out of it.

I feel like I am in an in-between place. I feel like I should start sorting and de-cluttering, but how much? I really don't like moving, and I hate prepping a house for sale even more, but I feel like the time has come for us.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I told you it was dance week!

Tonight is the big show. We survived the dressing room gauntlet at dress rehearsal last night so I feel good about doing it again tonight. Char had her hair cut by another dance mom today so she got sparkle hairspray as a finishing touch. She is so excited.

Want a preview?

(Those are little puppies wagging their tails and shaking their ears to music)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Dance Week

Saturday started a four-day dance extravaganza in our house. Charlotte's dance class winds up this week with a final concert. That meant Portraits on Saturday, Practice on Monday, Dress Rehearsal on Tuesday, Concert on Wednesday. Charlotte is very excited.

I get a little catch in my throat when I see her with her hair and makeup done. She is a totally different person. So grown-up looking. I am so proud of her and her confidence on stage.

Here is a little preview:

Faces not related to me have been smudged for privacy.

In this one Charlotte is saying "Wake up Little Boy Blue!" It is part of her routine.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Darkwing Pig Vs the Food Bad Guys and the Regular Bad Guys

Emmett loves the movie function on our new camera. He wanted me to film this little story he made up and put it on the computer. He has blogging in his blood.

Warning: this movie will probably only be interesting to Grandma.

It is called Darkwing Pig--Vs the Food Bad Guys and the Regular Bad Guys.

Oh, and the picture in this post is the first dandelion bouquet of the year. Emmett picked it, arranged it, and then photographed it. I like how he has the lace curtains backlit behind the flowers. Very artistic composition.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

How does your garden grow?

I live in an inner city neighbourhood.

  • Beautiful old trees shade the sidewalks and yards.
  • I get to live in a gorgeous almost-100 year old character home with hardwood floors and crown mouldings and real front porch.
  • I live walking distance from the grocery store, two parks, E's school, video rentals, restaurants, the library..........
  • The trees require me to have an (expensive) annual visit from the roto-rooter man.
  • The gorgeous house has no closets.
  • My shady yard is teeny.
I have always envied my suburban friends with their giant yards and gardens. I love the idea of a garden, but have never had the space to try it out. A few years ago Richard built a raised box for me in the back yard so I could have a few tomatoes and lettuce and herbs--and a couple of years after that a neigbour erected a shed directly on the other side of it, blocking all the sun my little garden got. I didn't know tomatoes and herbs need lots of sun, so most of my crops failed.

I am learning urban gardening requires some flexibility and creativity. The balcony off my bedroom gets full sun for half a day--my tomatoes, herbs, and some bell peppers will be growing in pots up there, if I can remember to water them! My lettuce and some cucumbers get the shady bed in the back yard.

This year, a darling friend hooked me up with a community garden plot so I can really get my hands dirty. This weekend, despite SNOW in the forecast this past week and the fact that the bird bath is still frozen most mornings, I got out my tools and my gloves and dug in. It is the May long weekend after all. It is the Official Start to the Gardening season here, even if Mother Nature disagrees.

How does your garden grow? Do you have any advice for a gardening greenhorn??

Two beds are mine. Doesn't look like much yet....

Charlotte likes to help--for the first five minutes. Then she runs off to the school playground across the street

Emmett doesn't like to get his hands dirty, but he does like taking pictures.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

This post brought to you by the colour pink.

Today Charlotte turns four. Wow. How quickly they grow up! It was a very pink day. When asked what kind of cake she wanted, she said "pink". She phoned Grandma and Grandpa and asked for a pink bike. Everything has to be pink right now. I blame preschool peer pressure.

We had a very low-key day. We met a friend to play at the park. Grandpa came by with a special delivery (the pink bicycle and some new pink clothes). Grandma came by for cake--and brought more pink, in the form of a High School Musical karaoke microphone. (please let the batteries die soon......)

We need to get a basket for her bike so Twinkletoes Barbie can go for rides now.