Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Let the games begin!

Since I am a little bit crazy (ok, a lot) I have decided to participate in The Knitting Olympics. In a nutshell, to celebrate the Winter Olympics, Yarn Harlot has decided to challenge her fellow knitters. You must choose something that will challenge you and stretch your abilities as a knitter. You cannot cast on any earlier than the opening ceremonies, and you must be finished (knitted, blocked, assembled) by the time the flame on the Olympic torch is blown out. I am going to make Charlotte the Chaos sweater from knitty. I have made sweaters before. I have cabled before. I have never finished anything except dishcloths in two weeks. I have to decide if the sweater will be dusty pink or light blue (both in my stash).

In other knitting news, stay tuned for pics of a finished baby poncho. I have a mere 1/2 inch to go. Once my kids are fed, bathed and bedded, that sucker is coming off of the needles and being blocked tonight!!!! I am under deadline. I am getting together with the recipient of this poncho Friday.


Angelina said...

You have inspired me to learn to knit! How happy does that make you? My sister, on the other hand, is terrified. As a highly skilled...'one who knits'...she has tried teaching me twice; nightmarish on both occasions, I assure you. Anyhoo, I even dragged my poor nephews into a specialty store to find some all-together-entirely-too-hippie-friendly hemp yarn. I know. I'm so pretentious.

Unknown said...

I am very happy!!! I love spreading my sickness (um hobby) around. I too, am a yarn snob. I have some hand-painted Japanese yarn in my stash that is begging to be put on some needles.
If you want a good online resource, check out Knitting Help for great teaching videos.