Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Cats in the house

The cats we are looking after are finally warming up to us--just in time to go home. I have not seen much of one, but the other one is coming out of the basement and hanging out on the main floor. He is even letting Emmett maul him a little. The first time he came up and started rubbing against me I was wary--sure enough the food dish was empty. I pictured the two cats trying to decide who would be brave enough to come upstairs and ask for food. Did they draw straws? Play rock, paper, scissors? They have not caught the mouse. Maybe we are feeding them too much?!

I hit some good sales at the mall today. I got a giftcard for Christmas and was able to get a whole new outfit to wear out on New Year's Eve. I forgot how aggressive salespeople can be. Right up until the moment my money left my hands they were trying to push stuff on me. There was even a fugly plastic, studded purse that came with a $15 dollar rebate. Yep, the purse was so ugly that they were going to pay me to take it off their hands!! I didn't bite.

I am really looking forward to New Year's Eve. We have a babysitter and invitations to two parties. The kids were invited to one of the parties, but since we have child care, we can go to both. A real grown-up evening!!!!!

I knit a swatch of the yarn Richard bought me. It is not working up to the right gauge for the pattern I want it for, so I am going to have to either alter the pattern or find a new one. Anyone know where I can find a pattern for a cute bolero style sweater???

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