Saturday, January 14, 2006

What every well-dressed bathroom is wearing.

Have you been looking around your bathroom thinking, "What a dump! I need to spruce things up a bit." Well, thanks to the good people at Mary Maxim and yours truly, Not Jenny, help has arrived!
First things first. Lets take a look at the toilet. Pretty boring, huh? How about some frou frou to smooth out the sharp angles and warm up the seat. You even have a place of honour for a spare roll. The man in your house will appreciate the fact that he has to hold up the seat with one hand while he is trying to take a pee, lest the seat come slamming down mid-operation.
The next thing we need is to keep your spare roll under wraps. Nothing is more unsightly than a naked roll of TP. How about turning it into a snowman??

Start making this holder now. You don't want to be caught without extra rolls available when you have lots of holiday company coming!!!
It is the dead of winter where I am, but all I have to do is look at my watering can TP holder to be transported to a flower-filled springtime meadow with butterflies floating on the breeze.
For the finishing touch, nothing will give your facilities that extra touch of class and sophistication like a monogrammed rug will. Having a plush rug next to the toilet can be a valuable comfort in those times someone is in the throes of morning sickness, food poisoning or a bad "morning after".

Love your bathroom and it will love you.

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