Friday, January 20, 2006

Go Team!

Olympic fever is spreading. Yarn Harlot has over 300 people participating in her knit-along.
I finished my poncho, and my friend really likes it. As soon as I can find the cord to my digital camera, I will be posting pics of my Cabbage Patch Kid modeling it. (Having Char model it would be too dangerous. Nobody wants a baby gift that comes pre-encrusted with cracker-y drool)

I will be working on my poor neglected Banff sweater until Olympic time, I think. My pretty Kureyon yarn will have to wait. Sigh.

I will be heading to up to the Great White North this weekend. My parents do not have internet access. I don't know how I will survive. I will be going into DTs for sure. I guess I will have actual cable-TV to watch as distraction.

Hee Hee, speaking of cable...Our friendly neighbourhood cable company called us up to gently remind us to pull back on our downloading. I guess we are hogging bandwidth by downloading entire seasons of TV shows at a time. They can kiss our shiny butts--we will be switching to DSL as soon as the modem comes in the mail.


sugarmama said...

Have fun in the great white! Don't worry, the internet will be here when you return.

e said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment :) I think that parents who manage to do anything not related to mere survival make us non-parents look lazy. Speaking of which, where do I go to get a deep-fried Oreo???