Friday, April 20, 2012

One is Silver and the Other's Gold...

Isn't it funny how when two kids meet and they are the same height they almost always befriend each other?

Yesterday, after Matthew and I got home from a lunch date with a friend of mine, I wandered into the house and left Matthew playing outside.  He decided Ding Dong Ditch was a super fun game with the front door and I lost interest after two rounds.  I figured he'd come in when he was ready.  After a few minutes I heard him yelling and looked out the window to find him running circles around a little boy and his mom on the sidewalk.  These are neighbours of ours that I have seen around but have never formally met.

Matthew fixed that in a hurry.  Before we could blink, the two little boys moved from the sidewalk to the backyard where they happily amused themselves digging  a hole in a pile of dirt. (Why do I have toys??)  I shrugged and invited the little boy's mom into the back yard where we made small talk.  I told the voice in my head that was listing off my to-do list to be quiet.

 It turns out this mom and I have something in common.  Her little guy is 3 1/2 and doesn't speak yet.  She is navigating the therapy world.  She does have the added challenge that she is new to Canada and does not speak English very well.  I told her a bit about what we have gone through with Emmett and her shoulders sagged with relief.  Not alone anymore.  She hugged me.

By this point we had moved into the house.  Matthew and his new friend were just fine,  there seemed to be no language barrier between them.  The little boy's mom politely ignored the dirty dishes on my table and the messy counter tops. 

Two hours flew by.  We exchanged phone numbers.  I invited her to playgroup.  We said goodbye.

I am thankful to Matthew that he found someone that is almost my height to play with too.

*In the video you see American Girl Scouts Singing Make New Friends.  We sing it in Girl Guides in Canada too!  If you are a Guide, then I apologize for embedding this song into your brain for the rest of the day. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Meanwhile, elsewhere in BlogLand...

I was recently interviewed by Elizabeth Flora Ross for The Mom Pledge Blog.  She is doing a series on women, the different birthing experiences they can have and the perceptions surrounding them.

I was honoured to be chosen to talk about my experience having a homebirth.  I hope you stop by and read the story.

Here is the apple pie story she references in the interview.  Elizabeth was quite tickled by it.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

My boys

Emmett and Matthew have a pretty great relationship when they aren't trying to kill each other.  Today was a fine example of a big brother helping a little brother with his bike on the way to the park.  My heart grew three sizes watching Emmett being so kind and patient with Matthew today.

Oh, and just so you know, Charlotte is not forgotten about.  She was half a block ahead with her Dad helping her out.  She would also like to share this picture of a butterfly she took in our back yard today: