Thursday, March 29, 2012

Still on my Soapbox

I guess it is still anti-bullying awareness month so I can still harp on this a bit more.

I feel like we are fighting a losing battle sometimes.

This is an anti-bullying PSA that is aired on Canadian television from time to time:

This ad came across my Facebook feed this morning:

This ad used to make me angry and sad when I saw it on TV:

It seems that bullying is also ok if it means people are getting the best rates for car insurance as well.

So, bullying is OK if it is used to sell stuff?  Is this what I am learning here?   I think what I am actually learning is that I am happy my kid's exposure to hypocritical advertisers has been minimized by our cutting the TV cable seven years ago.  If we did still have TV channels you can bet your bippy that I would not sit idly by and laugh these ads off while my children watched them.  We would discuss them.  We would talk about why I haven't bought a pack of Juicy Fruit Gum in many years.

How do these ads make you feel?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

First World Problems

Last week, the hot water tank that broke at Christmastime and was patched back together to prolong it's life, finally died.  Thankfully it went with a whimper and not a gush.  The pilot light went out and could not be re lit.  That was it.  So, at 8:00PM on a Wednesday night Richard struck out into the evening darkness to procure another heater.  Our handyman came over the next day to install it, but something happened so it never turned on.  The day after that a plumber was found who put everything to rights and hot water was restored to our house.

In total, I was without running water for 1/2 day and hot water for around a day and a half.  I was all prepared to feel sorry for myself when my Twitter feed lit up with facts about World Water Day while the handyman and his son were in my basement doing whatever handymen do down there.

What did I have to feel sorry about?  I knew the water was going to be turned off for a few hours so I filled my water jug, tea kettle and coffee maker up ahead of time.  A sticky boy was easily cleaned up with baby wipes after lunch.  The bigger kids and husband were all at school and work respectively where the water ran and toilets flushed.  When the water came back on but was still cold, I was still able to do laundry in my washing machine.  I heated up water to wash the dishes on my electric stove.  Not once did I have to leave my house and travel many kilometers to find safe water, nor did I have to light a fire to heat it up.

I do believe I am rather spoiled in my safe, cozy home.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Boy

The two taller kids had a day off from school today.  I decided to take everyone on a little road trip to Grandma's.  Grandma and Grandpa have started a new hobby together that thrills Matthew to no end. 
Matthew could barely contain his excitement, but he was SO good at sitting beside the trains without touching them, just like Grandpa said. 

My parents have spent hours and hours painting and constructing the terrain and buildings on the train table.  It is still a work in progress, but that is the fun of having a model train table.  There is always something new to build.

They made that machine shed out of a tin can.  Brilliant!

I guess now you know where I get my craftiness from.