Monday, January 23, 2012

Upstairs, Downstairs

Most nights,  Richard takes care of bedtime stories.  Last night, I had finished up the dishes before he finished up story duties so I snuggled down on the couch with an episode of the show Long Way Round, a documentary that follows Ewan McGregor and his buddy Charlie Boorman as they ride motorcycles around the world, from London, east through Russia, and then eventually ending up in New York City.  Last night's episode took me through the Czech Republic and the Ukraine with a pit stop at the Sedlec Ossuary in between. It is a Roman Catholic Chapel creepily decorated with human bones.
Richard came back upstairs after reading Emmett's and Matthew's stories and I started to tell him about the  Church of Bones.  He says "Oh, you mean the All Saints Church in the Czech Republic?"  As coincidence would have it, as I was watching a TV show about the Church, this place was featured in Emmett's bedtime story, a chapter from The 39 Clues Series. Emmett loves these books and they are a sneaky way for us to hand out tidbits of world history and geography to an eager young reader.

It's funny how worlds collide sometimes.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Traveling through time

Charlotte likes to ask a lot of questions.  A lot.  It feels like hundreds and hundreds every day.  She also likes to talk a lot.  If she has nothing to say she will simply narrate whatever she is doing just so she can keep on talking.

Today and yesterday we had a couple of interesting conversations.  Yesterday we got into an argument (in Walmart parking lot, of all places) about what my "real" name is.  I told her it was Jennifer [Married Name].  She insisted that it was Jennifer [Maiden Name].  She would not believe me when I told her I changed my name when I married her Dad and that I was actually, legally Jennifer [Married Name] now.

When Richard got home from work last night I told him the story and he commented on what a strong Feminist our girl is, even at her young age.  I also thought that she might think she lives in Quebec, where women keep whatever name they are born with, married or not.

Fast forward to this afternoon.  After spending time with me at the hair salon getting cut and highlighted she helped me stir up a lovely pot of turkey-corn chowder for dinner.  I tied one of my aprons around her to keep her clothes clean while she was helping me cook.  Well, that retro-style apron went straight to Charlotte's head.  When Richard got home from work she set about adding a comfortable pillow and blanket to his spot at the dining table and set out a place mat for his after-work coffee. That seemed like a very sweet gesture from a little girl to her Dad.

Things took a sinister turn when I asked Richard to help me out by ladling out soup for the kids while I finished up something else I was making. She told me he shouldn't have to do any work because he worked so hard all day.  (This was met with  snickering from behind the newspaper)  She then decided that it should be my job to do all the bathing and tucking in of children at night (usually her Dad's job.) She started to say something else but I halted her diatribe after that.  We didn't need any more re-defining of gender roles happening!

Yesterday a staunch feminist, today a stereotypical old-fashioned housewife. 

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Have you recovered from the holidays yet?

Trying out a new toy.  I don't know why one must stand on a chair to play DS, but who am I to judge?
Christmas carnage.
Santa's workshop temporarily moved to our living room on Christmas morning.
Christmas came and left in a wild blur.  We started early and ended late. In between unwrapping gifts and then assembling many of them, family visited and delicious food was consumed.  We were full for days, both physically and socially.  New Year's Eve was spent very quietly.  I snuggled on the couch with a glass of wine and my new heated throw (thanks, Hon!) and watched a fantastically bad movie with Richard.  (Anchorman: The Ron Burgundy Story, if you are curious.)

With Richard home from work for a few days I also got to indulge in hours of reading time.  I finished off a book, started and finished another and am well on my way into a third.  (For those of you who care, I finished The Red Tent, started and finished The Year of Living Biblically, and am now deeply invested in Zone One.  I do realize that One of these Books is Not Like the Others, and I am OK with should see what I have planned next!)

I don't do New Year Resolutions as I feel that the real new year starts in September, and I hate making promises that I rarely keep. Having said that, over Christmas break I have tried to get into a more consistent workout routine that I hope can carry over once our regular school and activity routine returns.  The constant dull ache in my muscles is telling me this is long overdue! 

Happy January, I hope 2012 got off to a great start for you.