Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Oops, I spoke too soon.

Maybe we are not as far on the mend as I originally thought. It seems that Char has traded vomiting for diarrhea. Ewwww!!! At least diarrhea is less dehydrating than throwing up. My washing machine is having a hard time keeping up with the demand. I feel so bad for Emmett--he is not getting his usual amount of attention since all of my time is consumed with Charlotte and her dirty clothing and sheets. I am taking Char off of dairy for a few days to see if this will calm down her tummy troubles. I don't think it could make things any worse, at the very least.

I feel like I am slowly going crazy. I have been staying away from playgroup, lest we spread this tummy bug around. If a telemarketer calls asking to do a survey, I just might do it at this rate. I am so desperate for outside contact!!!

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sugarmama said...

Oh, no, your poor baby! I just hate it when they're sick. I think staying off the dairy will probably help. Good luck!