Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Baby's first trip to the ER

Char didn't stop throwing up this morning. My little sweetie was pale, droopy and not wetting her diapers. Momma went into nurse mode, called hubby to bring home some pedialyte, then called the hospital nurse hotline. The nice nurse on the phone confirmed my fears so off to the hospital we went. Babies who don't pee and throw up for 12 hours get seen very quickly. After just one ounce of pedialyte Char started to perk up. She got REALLY perky after suffering the indignity of having a rectal temp taken. ER nurses love to hear babies scream. If a baby doesn't fight, a nurse really gets worried. Char is now on clear fluids for 24 hours, then diluted formula for another 24. She has actually kept down a bottle of pedialyte, so I am less worried. Here's hoping we all get some rest tonight.

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sugarmama said...

Oh, my goodness poor baby! I am so glad she is feeling better but I bet that was hard to got through. Hang in there.