Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Two hours of sleep.

Fussy, fussy baby throws up on the floor. Throws up in the bassinette. Throws up in the crib.
Thank goodness Mommy just did laundry.
Fussy baby wakes up every two hours.
Fussy baby finally gets to sleep at o445AM.
Daddy jumps ship and goes to work.
Happy toddler wakes up at 0700AM.
Mommy tries to cuddle with happy toddler in bed to steal precious minutes of sleep.
Happy toddler insistant that it is time to get up.
Mommy shuffles down the stairs.
Mommy turns on Baby Einstein.
Mommy puts an extra scoop of coffee in the filter.

Mommy wonders if this is God's way of telling her that the Wal-Mart portrait studio is evile and she must not keep her appointment today.

Mommy really, really hopes Fussy baby will not throw up today.

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