Friday, January 6, 2006

Switching gears

Hubby and I have decided that I am going to quit my job and stay home full-time. My nursing license is still active, so I am planning on picking up shifts casually and working at a couple of summer camps (my true nursing love). I am happy and scared at the same time. This will be the first time since high school I will not have regular, out-of-the home employment. Every time I thought of going back to work I would feel sick to my stomach. This is the best thing for us, especially since we will be facing regular speech therapy for Emm in the near future. I need to work with him every day and the best moments for therapy happen out of the blue, in little moments throughout the day.

To this end, I have to switch gears in my mind. I have not been the best at keeping house. I am getting tired of living in a cluttered mess. My new job is wife/mommy. I need to improve my domestic goddess skills. I am going to allow myself to be harassed by flylady for a while to try to get a routine established. I am a dropout of the flylady school, but I am going back. I'm going to shine my sink and make my bed and wear comfy shoes while I am at it!!! (hmmm, must go shopping for cute, yet comfy shoes) I come from a long line of very clean women, I just need to nurture my innate clean freak and let her come out a bit. Just a little bit. As much as I hate making New Year's resolutions, I suppose this will be one. Become a domestic goddess.

In other news...
I have a creeper in my house. I put Char down on my bedroom floor while I put away some laundry. I turned around and she was under the bed!! She will only go backwards, but that is a start, right??
I also seem to have a Baby Einstein junky in my house. One of our BE DVD's became hopelessly scratched. I have been letting Emm play with it. It has been in the tub, and lately it goes to bed with him. Is there a 12-step program for this? His sleepy bottles have been wearing out one-by-one. I suppose it is time for a bottle intervention. I don't even know where to begin. Every time we try to take the sleepy bottle away he screams for hours before falling into an exhausted sleep. There is absolutely no napping without the dang bottle. I feel like such a monster. I also don't feel right about buying baby bottle nipples for a 2 1/2 year old.


sugarmama said...

Congrats on staying home! Enjoy it! As for the bottle, I have no advice. The way it's looking my Charlotte will be falling asleep with a bottle until she is thirty.

jen said...

Good for you on staying home. I was able to do it happily for over 3 months without any kids, so I am SURE you will fill up your time!!