Sunday, January 8, 2006

My kingdom for some shoes.

This past weekend I went on a search for something relatively simple: comfy, cute, slip-on shoes. I scoured the mall plus Sprawl-mart to no avail. There are no cute, comfy slip-on shoes in my city for my 9 1/2 double-A narrow feet. (I used to be triple-A narrow until two pregancies made my feet spread.) Bah! The only thing that came close was a cute pair of athletic-style clogs I found in one store. I will now be stalking that store to see if more come in.

Why do I need comfy shoes? Well, my house has no carpet and two storeys. After a day of hauling kids and laundry up and down stairs, my feet and knees hurt. I want slip-ons so I don't have to mess with laces when I want to go out. You see, I am a picky girl. Shoe salespeople see me coming and wince. I know as soon as I stick my big toe in a shoe if it will work or not. I tell people that. I don't care how cute it looks, I don't want to hear you say, "just break them in". Breaking in only works for Birkenstocks. If only I could afford a new pair of Birkies. I found some grey wool ones with purple embroidery at an American shoe website. Wayyyy out of my price range. But I posted the picture so everyone can covet with me.

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