Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Swatch-o-rama (and one F.O.)

This is the swatch of my Christmas yarn (Morbido) next to the sweater it will become. The wonky lace is on the right side of the swatch--See? You can't even see it without me pointing it out to you!

This is the back of the finished baby poncho (baby is simulated)

Here is the front (again, thanks to Leslie Bambi for her lovely modelling)

Vintage Mary Maxim

Olympic swatch. The picture does not do the cool cable pattern justice, but trust me, it will look amazing!!! The blue is also a gorgeous colour on Charlotte.

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sugarmama said...

The poncho is so cute! Good luck with your sweaters, too. I tried to learn to knit but I am incapable, unfortunately. Have a great day!