Monday, January 30, 2006

My trip in a nutshell.

Here is a synopsis of last week's trip.

Since I would be travelling in very small cars I tried very hard to pack light. I tried so hard that the "listening" part of the baby monitor stayed home while the "hearing" part got packed. I also forgot Emm's bed rail, baby shampoo and night light. I did not even bring pyjamas for myself!!! Emm did very well without the bed rail, and enjoyed the novelty of a night light with an actual bulb at Grandma's house. He figured out how to take it apart the first night we were there. (He has an LED nightlight at home, so there is no bulb)

We had fun, I got to see a couple of friends and look at Mom and Dad's new house.

I did not have fun loading and unloading children into and out of Mom and Dad's two-door car. Carseats and two door cars do not go well together. I hosted a playdate at Mom's house for my friend Tara and her three kids. Mom got home to find four kids running around her house and retreated to the basement to hide with a sleeping Charlotte while we scattered crumbs in the kitchen and toys in the living room. She pronounced the house "trashed" when everyone left. To me, it looked like an ordinary day in my home. Mom does not have a high tolerance for any sort of dirt or disarray in her life.

Mom has a porcelian doll (named Shay) that is about the same size as Char--Char went home with a new outfit straight off the dolly's back. (We left one that Char was growing out of so the doll was not left naked.-- Shay is now wearing very cute embroidered boot-cut Baby Gap jeans)

I watched a lot of TV while we were home. I realized I didn't miss the cable as much as I thought I would. I enjoyed Mythbusters every day, but man, oh, man I forgot how truly brain-rotting daytime TV is! Sorry Oprah, you aren't even that interesting anymore. If Mom and Dad had Teletoon I would have been in seventh heaven--Bromwell High is one show that Richard cannot find online that we both really like. If you have heard of Bromwell High, I hope you won't think any less of me!!!

On the trip home I was such a good mom that I anticipated Emmett throwing up and managed to catch it in a towel Mom had tucked in my diaper bag. MIL did not even flinch. He is doing much better after a few days of pink amoxicillin. He thinks the medicine is quite a treat--I don't have to bribe or wrestle him to take it.

I called and inquired about how changing postitions at work will effect my maternity benefits. It turns out it won't. I will be resigning this week. (Eeeeeeee!!!!)

I am sure I have bored my readers (both of you) to tears. I will try to be more interesting tomorrw!!! (Ok, I will only be interesting if you like more knitting talk.)

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