Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Olympic training.

I cast on and knit a test swatch for Char's Olympic sweater. I can tell this random cable pattern will be just what I need to keep my interest up through the project. I will be making it in some "vintage" Orlon Wintuk acrylic in bright heather blue from my Grandma's stash --the label has no metric on it and touts the yarn as moth-proof and non-allergenic. (Mary Maxim, of course) The yarn is kind of crunchy to work with, but I hope it will soften with washing. The crunchiness of it really makes the cable stand out. I also taught myself to cable without a cable needle with this swatch--this sweater will be surgically attached to me for a couple of weeks, the more streamlining of the work, the better.

I also swatched for a sweater to be made in the yummy yarn Richard bought me for Christmas. I will be making a couple of modifications: I will leave out a lace panel on the front of the sweater because non-knitting friend saw my test swatch with a bit of the lace panel on it and said it just looked like I made a mistake in the work. I knew with the texture of the yarn it didn't look quite right-- she just put it so eloquently. I will also be doing a garter-stitch hem instead of the crochet scallop trim the pattern features. Again, the texture makes its own scallops.

Once I find the invisible cord for the digital camera, I will share pics of my swatches with all of blogland!!

The friend I mentioned above saved my poor boy from a terrible haircut. My Emmett does not like having his hair cut. MIL was the latest person to try giving him a trim. He ended up looking like Fester from the Addam's Family. Cheryl just happens to be a former hairstylist and more recently, a dog groomer. She brought her clippers over and we put Emmett in his booster seat with Baby Einstein on and snacks on the tray and she made him look like a little boy again. I had to hide in the kitchen--it turns out Emmett sits better without me around. I had to laugh because Cheryl was using techniques she used with her dogs to get Emmett used to the clippers (stroking Emm's neck with the clippers on, speaking to him soothingly, distracting with treats) That's ok with me--I was a dog owner before I was a parent and I found the way you train a puppy is strangely similar to training babies and toddlers!!
She has graciously volunteered to cut Emmett's hair until we get brave enough to venture out to a salon again.

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