Monday, December 10, 2012

Five Minute Tree Skirt

Isn't my new tree skirt pretty?  It couldn't have been easier to make.  There is no cutting, sewing or gluing involved and only took a couple of minute and TWO things.  Can you handle it?

It all started with this fabric.  I bought several meters of it a couple of years ago and have used it in different ways in my holiday decorating over the years.  Sometimes it gets wrapped around a banister, sometimes it gets used as a curtain valance.  This year I decided to wrap the base of our tree in it.  If you can't find this particular fabric in your area, any sheer fabric will do.  The gold writing on this one does add an extra special touch.

The only other thing you need is a short string of white mini lights.  I wrapped the lights in the fabric and then arranged the roll under the tree, fluffing as I went.  The bulky fabric conceals all of the cords for my lights and adds a pretty backdrop for our Christmas train.

If you have a real tree please exercise extreme caution if you want to try making this tree skirt.  Electric cords and water really don't mix.  Also, I like to check to make sure the fabric isn't getting too hot where the lights touch it if the tree is on for long periods of time.  Safety first!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I love hoarfrost.

I snapped this picture with my phone on our way to church this morning.  Walking in hoarfrost makes me feel like I am living inside a black and white picture.