Thursday, December 1, 2005

This could have been a terrible morning.

Picture it: 2-year old coughing (hacking), runny nose, running around. 6-1/2 month-old teething and getting over a cold. Mommy getting over a cold. Cupboards are bare. Mommy grits her teeth, bundles up the grumpy baby and drippy 2-year old and heads out to the store with a shockingly long list in hand.

The family gets there and the 2-year old is secured in the truck-shaped cart and baby is tied into the seat but still tippy. Mommy barely finishes in the produce aisle before baby starts screaming. And screaming. Mommy bravely attempts to navigate unwieldy cart with one hand while holding angry 20lb baby with the other and still manages to throw a few items in the cart.

An angel arrives in the body of a store employee and offers to hold the screaming baby. The employee is a grandma and knows how to talk to grumpy babies. Grumpy baby smiles. The employee follows the Mommy around the store bouncing the now less grumpy baby while Mommy fills her cart to the top. (I told you the cupboards were bare!!!) Mommy pays for her purchases (and tries not to show outward shock at the total) and arranges for delivery of groceries to her home. Mommy bundles kids in the car, heads to the drive-through for lunch and goes home slightly calmer and happy.

Mommy has a new favourite grocery store.

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