Saturday, December 17, 2005

Ooooh, my pretties!

I got my yarn order yesterday. Ooooh, the snowflake yarn is gorgeous. I started a little baby poncho for a friend and this stuff is just lighter than air and so soft. I can hardly wait to get my needles into the Kureyon. The pictures don't do the colours justice.

I am not liking my new glasses. The look good, but the lenses are narrower, so when I look down, I can't see anything. They are also a lot heavier than my old glasses, so I am finding they need more adjusting to be comfortable. I have had them adjusted twice in less than a week, and I will be going back for another adjustment today. First they were digging into my ears, and now my nose is hurting. I hope this is all just growing pains, and that I will get used to them. I had my old ones for four years, so I think I just need a little more time. Friends keep telling me I will get used to the line in my peripheral vision where the lenses end. At least I am not seasick anymore!!

I get to cat-sit for a friend over Christmas. I am going to bring them home and hope they can do a little exterminating in exchange for shelter and regular feedings and pats. I also hope Lucy doesn't mind the extra guests in our home. She knows about cats, and they know about dogs, so I am feeling optimistic. The cats will not be allowed in the bedrooms, so they will not take over Lucy's bed.

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