Friday, December 9, 2005

What are you doing this weekend?

Why thanks for asking! We are heading into The City to see a Christmas symphony. I will also be hitting a Real Yarn Store. (yay!!) On my shopping list is some yarn to make this precious poncho for Char, and some Kureyon to make some wrist warmers for me. I am hoping that wristwarmers will help with the pain I experience from knitting sometimes. That, and the colours of the Kureyon just look soooo lucious!! The pattern I will be using has a cable chart on it. I am going to try a swatch of the cable panel with some scrap yarn as I have never done cables by chart before.

We have mice setting up housekeeping in between our floors. I hear them scritching around during the day and it really creeps me out. I miss my cat! I am trying to decide if my staying drugged up with allergy meds is worth it to have an exterminator in my house on a full time basis. Its getting more and more tempting every day. I have never met one of the little critters face to face yet, so I feel like if they stay in their area, and I stay in mine and our paths never cross, we can live together peacefully, for now.


Anonymous said...

Cables shrink, so be careful with your sizing. I just learned cables a few weeks ago. They're quite fun.

I like the layout of your blog.


Unknown said...

Hi Briezee

Thanks for the compliment. I am so new at blogging that I feel quite insecure about myself. Thanks for the cable advice. Once I get my new yarn I will swatch it up and see how things go. I love cables--so pretty and fun to watch coming off of the needles.