Thursday, December 22, 2005

Three more sleeps.

Is Christmas really in three days???? I guess I had better wrap my gifts. (At least I should get Richard's wrapped while he is at work.)

Richard is being super-nice and going grocery shopping after work. He knows what a nightmare the stores will be right now and doesn't want me fighting the crowds with two little kiddies. Time to re-stock our supply of formula, diapers and baby Advil (poor Charlotte!!).

We took possession of our exterminators last night. They came out of the basement after Emmett went to bed. Lucy has been keeping a respectful distance. They were up all night trying to get into bed with the humans, and even woke up Emmett. Polaris is beautiful and friendly and I want so much to snuggle with him, but I am afraid of how that will make me feel. Blitzen is a little more skittish, but I think he will come around. I didn't realize how much I miss having kitties around until these ones came over. I think Polaris knows why he is here. He was pacing around the walls where I have heard the mice, and his eyes were sooooo big and wide.

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