Monday, December 26, 2005

Is Christmas over already? (Please say yes)

Christmas dinner is still sitting like a brick in my stomach. The mashed potatoes had little bits of uncooked potato in them, the gravy didn't have any actual meat juice in it, and canned cranberry sauce was put out instead of the homemade chutney I brought (my last jar). MIL has such a tiny dining-room that we didn't all fit. We were squashed in like sardines. I ended up hiding in the kitchen with Charlotte and a piece of pie--the pie that MIL asked us to bring and that never got set out. MIL can be so infuriating sometimes. It was nice to talk to SIL and Rich's cousin, though. SIL and I agreed that we have to come up with a way to get the burgandy polyester jumpsuit with satin cowel and red plastic belt away from her mother. I am sure she thought she looked festive, but really--jumpsuit??? red satin cowel???? polyester???? jumpsuit?????
Perhaps next year I will have to pull up my socks and make Christmas dinner--I can make gravy that does not look like paste to pour over mashed potatoes that are not crunchy.
We are heading out to see my aunt in Ninette today so we don't have to go back to eat leftovers.

Char was up all night screaming--despite two doses of Advil and some homeopathic teething remedy. There are four teeth wanting to come through all at once. Poor little peanut. Poor the rest of us.

Did I mention I still have PMS? Can I have a menstrual hut to hide in for a while?

I love husband. I love my children. All the rest of the family can visit by appointment only.

Hubby gave me a big box of yarn for Christmas. Its virgin wool. Its Italian. I. Must. Knit. Now.
(ok, I will take care of Charlotte and fix breakfast for Emm, then can I knit?)

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