Tuesday, December 6, 2005

A breakthrough!

We had a breakthrough this morning. Emmett usually has terrible separation anxiety if I have to leave him with a babysitter. I took him (and Char) to a friend's house this morning so I could go to an appointment and he did not cry at all!! She had a little girl and two kittens to play with so apparently he did not miss me at all.

SIL Rachel is in town. We had a great visit over pizza last night. I made garlic pizza crust and the house smelled soooo good! The pizza didn't taste too bad, either! We are going out this evening to pick out a new pair of glasses for me. I need a sighted person to come along as I have a hard time seeing what frames look like without my lenses in them.

The new knitty is up! I must make the chaos sweater for one of the kids. A sweater pattern that involves rolling dice!! The teeny gamer chick in me is giddy with delight!

And now for a small rant: I was in a shop this morning buying a couple of Christmas prezzies and the clerk was compaining to me about how much she hates winter. Unless you have bought your condo in the Cayman islands and are planning to move, perhaps you should reconcile yourself to the fact that living in Manitoba involves enduring some sort of winter weather for about half the year. Suck it up!!!!

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