Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Emmett said Mom!!!!

We went to the speech pathologist today. She still doesn't know why Emmett is not saying anything, so she wrote a referral to a pediatrician who specializes in child development. It may take months to get an appointment, but at least we are in the system. A bit closer to home, she told us that Emmett is around three from the top of the waiting list for her therapy. We could get a slot any time now. She says that there are a couple of puzzling things about his behaviour and his reactions to certain situations that leads her to believe he needs further assessment.

Later this evening Emm was playing and babbling to himself at the dining-room table while I was in the kitchen and I distinctly heard him say "Mom"! My heart soared. I feel a little more hopeful now.

Yesterday at playgroup Mrs. Claus visited. She did face-painting and led a sing-along. There are pictures here at my friend Cheryl's blog. Emmett had a blast colouring pictures, and ringing his bell along with the songs. He also didn't eat luch at home since he filled up on Rice Krispy treats, sugar cookies and caramel corn while there. I fed him vegetables at supper time!!!

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