Wednesday, December 7, 2005

It snowed in Emmett's room today.

This afternoon I put Emmett in his room to have a nap. I then phoned a friend and had a nice little chat about this and that. I went up to check on Emm a while later and instead of sleeping he had busied himself redecorating his room in a baby powder theme. I don't even know where he found the powder. He was white and every toy was white and every surface of his room whas white. He left little white footprints wherever he stepped.

What do I do??? First, I laughed. Then, I called SIL, who was still in town, to come over and babysit while I cleaned up. Then, I took some of my asthma medication and went to work.

Emmett did a very thorough job--I had to wash every toy, the floor, and every shelf and toybox. His room will be smelling like baby powder for weeks, I think. Thank goodness it is not talc-based powder!!!

One of my friends did a very sweet thing today. Her little boy felt bad that Emm can't have chocolate, so they bought a non-chocolate Advent calendar for us while they were buying their chocolaty one. Thank you!!!


Anonymous said...

well, you are a greater woman than I because I *don't* think my first reaction would have been to laugh!! oh well, I have asthma and I think I would have sealed off the room and left that one for dh to clean up :)

Unknown said...

Tiff--the first time I had to clean up a disaster it was a full bottle of gentian violet that my boy spilled on the beautiful hardwood floor--this was nothing compared to that!!!!