Friday, February 24, 2006

Olympic report.

Here are some shots of my Olympic work-in-progress. Don't worry, the front of the sweater is supposed to be shorter at one shoulder than the other--I will be picking up and knitting a button band along that side. I am really happy with how the cables look. I am now working on sleeves, in cream as I have only enough yarn to do the neck and button band (I hope)

I don't think I will be done by Sunday, but that is ok. I am happy with all I have done.


sugarmama said...

Hey, there's a cute little foot on your sweater! That looks great! I'm so impressed with the cables. I could never do that.

Not Jenny said...

Having a little foot on the sweater is essential to the whole process. Emm is "helping".

He "helped" me by losing the die that I need to tell me what to do in the pattern. I need him to help me find it now!!

You are welcome anytime to my Thursday evening knitting group--we'll show you how to cable!

I was glad to see your spirits up at your blog. :-)