Monday, February 13, 2006

While the cat is away...

Ahhh, who knew that 10 hours on a bus spread over two days could be so blissful? I knit and read and dozed while the scenery whizzed by outside my window. I may have to leave the car at home more often. When you are not responsible for the toddler asking "Are we there yet? How much longer?" it changes from grating and irritating to cute, and at most, easily ignored as you concentrate on the cool clicking sound aluminum knitting needles make as a sweater emerges from them. (yes, it is a different sound than stainless steel or wooden ones).

I love how my sweater is turning out. I am really regretting not using higher quality yarn. I have a handful of rows left on the back, then the front will be cast on today. (Why am I typing??? I should be knitting right now!)

The social was pretty fun. There were a lot of half-naked teenagers there. As I was checking IDs at the door I felt like sending most of the little girls home to put more clothes on. I got a lot of scathing looks as I stamped hands with the "no booze for you" stamp. (not that it mattered--I noticed that they all got hammered anyway)
Charlotte and Emmett are never leaving the house, unless it is to go to a convent or monastery. At the very least, I will try my best to teach them that having sex, even if clothed is not appropriate for public places. I was impressed that no one automatically got me to clean up the vomit on the floor (common hazard of being a nurse and a mom--you are the resident puke cleaner) I was also a little sickened knowing how all of those teenagers were going to get home that night--I didn't noticed anyone staying very sober.

I had a great time visiting with Robin and her family and future inlaws. It was also nice talking to the rest of the bridal party. I think that they put on a great party.

I won a basket full of chocolate at the party!!!!! (no, the draw was not fixed) I got to sleep until noon!!!!!

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Char was not giving anyone a rest. Her teeth are causing her a great amount of pain, and poor Richard did not know the trick to getting the painkillers into her. I was greeted by a sleepy hubby, crying baby and a smiling toddler clutching a video cassette sleeve. When we got home I found dishes done, floor swept, diapers washed and five baskets of folded laundry. I also found the entertainment center rearranged so that Emm (or I, for that matter) will need a stepladder to get to all of the fun stuff. I almost did a little happy dance. I did tell Richard over and over what a wonderful job he did.

I will forgive him for trying to sneak fluorescent bulbs into all of the light fixtures.

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