Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Olympic Countdown

Well, the Olympics start this Friday!!! So far 3000 knitters have signed on for YarnHarlot's challenge. That means there are more knitting Olympians than ACTUAL Olympic athletes. Yeah, I know that there are no Wheaties boxes in our future, or multi-million dollar endorsement contracts, but that is still very, very cool.

I am prone to pain when I knit and this is going to be a long challenge. Lets all be kind to our bodies and heed Beadlizard's advice. Lets not all end up with tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

I get to have two extended periods of knitting time this weekend as I am taking the bus Up North to help out at a friend's wedding social. One whole night without children or husband. I will feel so lost, but I will keep my chin up and try to carry on. I am sure an uninterrupted sleep-in will help immensely!! (Thank you, Sweetie!)

Thursday night is my Stitch n' Bitch night. In honour of Valentine's day we will be making This tasty number. It will also be something fun and simple to bide the time with until Opening Ceremonies. I just hope I can find the ingredients um, materials. I was at Sprawl-Mart today and they did not have the right stuff--you'd think it would be easy to find shoe-string licorice!!

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