Friday, February 17, 2006

Winter finally came.

Ahhh, February on the Prairies. Schools are closed today because of the severe windchill factors. If you go outside my door today you will be blasted with -45C (-49F) winds. Yeah, we are not going out today. I was listening to the radio this morning and the hosts were throwing boiling water into the air. It froze before it hit the ground. I'll have to see what tricks I have up my sleeve to keep an energetic 2 1/2 year old entertained this afternoon.

I have a drafty almost 100-year old house. My bedroom was COLD last night. I climbed under the covers and was taken back to camping trips where you try to lay as still as possible inside your sleeping bag in case you stretch out and find a cold spot. Hubby is a night owl and when he finally came to bed I warmed up. Thankfully the kid's rooms are warm. For some reason the heat does not make it to our bedroom. An old home quirk.

I am making progress on my Olympic sweater--I may actually make it to the finish line. I am having anxiety about running out of yarn. If worst comes to worst, Char's sweater will have cream-coloured sleeves instead of blue. I keep looking longingly at my balls of Kureyon--they keep asking when they can come out and play. I must not lose focus! My Snowflake yarn is calling to me too--there is a girlie pink or purple teddy bear in the yarn that wants to come out. This is the first time I have ever committed myself to knitting only one project at a time. Who knew it would be so hard?? I am not a knitting monogamist. I know very few knitters who are.

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