Monday, February 20, 2006

Olympic report.

According to Yarnharlot's evil Olympic ticker there is are 6 days, 4 hours and around 15 minutes left of the Olympics (as of the time of this post). I am plodding away to the finish line. The back of Char's sweater is off of the needles and the front is up to the underarms. I have reached a new snag: I am running out of yarn. I have enough to do the front, and hopefully the neck and button band, but there will not be enough for sleeves. There is no possible way to get more of this stuff. I am guessing the ball I have could be at least 20 years old. I have a ball of ivory in the same brand and weight, so I guess we are going for a colourblocked style.

A switch got turned on in Char this weekend and now all she wants to do is move. She is chasing one of Emmett's toy cars around the livingroom floor right now in a modified commando-crawl. When she is in her walker, she just tears up the main floor. She really surprised us with her speed and agility in it!

Emmett went sledding this weekend for the first time. Once Richard convinced him it was ok to go down a hill on a piece of plastic he thought it was ok. He didn't think it was really great until he saw another kid at the hill do it too. (Lesson learned: Dad is not as cool as a big kid is.)

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