Sunday, February 26, 2006

I have finished!!!

Here it is, every seam sewn, every end woven in. Char has gone to bed so Hillary Barbara has graciously volunteered to model. If the closing ceremonies are still replaying on TV, do I still get credit? Given the setbacks I had, I am just so happy I finished mostly on time.

Pattern: Chaos sweater from Knitty in 12 months size.
Yarn: Vintage Mary Maxim Starlette and Starlette Heather worsted-weight acrylic.
No modifications to the pattern made. If I make it again I will change the increases on the arm to knitting in the front and back of stitches instead of the M1 increase as those left holes.

Up next? Wristwarmers in my pretty Kureyon. Then I get to sit by the mailbox and wait for the big box of yarn I ordered to start on Christmas presents with.

1 comment:

sugarmama said...

Oh my gosh it's so cute! I actually really like the way the sleeves turned out. Oh and happy 30th!