Thursday, August 28, 2008


Allrighty. Richard spoke with Emmett's principal. Wouldn't you know it? A helper for Emmett has fallen out of the sky. He can start school with everyone else.

This battle has been won.

I have a feeling we are just at the beginning of the war.

I sounds like my school division is run by a bunch of lazy bums. I spoke with a friend today who is in a similar situation. Our stories are virtually identical, just change the names of the school and the student.

I reserved a copy of The Well Trained Mind from our local library today.


Ashlee Rose said...

Welcome to being the parent of a schoolkid.


kitten said...

I really hope things turn out sweeter than they began. I tried to get that book the other day, but it's been out since 2006. So, I'll either buy it or the next time I go to Tupelo I may try and go to their library and see if I can get it.
Oh, I have something at my blog for you!!!