Friday, August 1, 2008

Freedom! (Sort of)

Well, I packed some bags, loaded up some kids and drove down the highway to a predetermined rendezvous point. We met Grandpa and Auntie. We ate some fast food. I gave Emmett and Charlotte to Grandpa and Auntie. They are off to have wild adventures for two weeks. I am now the parent of an only child. (For two weeks)

What have I done with my sort-of vacation so far?
  • Made breakfast with minimal screaming and no refereeing of wrestling matches.
  • Cleaned Emmett and Charlotte's room. It has been a full 20 minutes since I put all of the toys away and they are still on the shelves.
  • I downloaded videos of the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra and geeked out uninterrupted.
What's next?
  • Choosing a paint colour for the living room and dining room. Summer picnic? Topiary green??
  • Choosing a sewing project to work on during nap times.
  • Possibly planning a yard sale.
  • Knitting. (Yes it is August. I can knit. My house is blessedly cool, even without air conditioning)
It is too quiet in here.


Tara said...

Hope you are enjoying your "almost alone time". Every mom deserves some time to herself.

kitten said...

I hear ya! It's too quite when mine arenot here, but do love the peace.
Cool song!
I need a long break, but don't see it anytime soon. Hopefully soon tho!
Take care! & Enjoy while you can!

April said...

Wow I can't imagine the difference it must make without the other two kiddies around. How ya doing?