Sunday, August 24, 2008


It is the end of August. The past couple of mornings have had a real nip in the air. You can smell fall coming. I can feel a new surge of energy.

I love the fall. I love the smell of new school supplies. My fingers are itching to knit again now that my yarn won't stick to me.

Life is changing around here. Emmett had his last two therapy appointments this week. When school starts he will get his therapy there from now on. I have bought his school supplies and meet his teacher next week. Charlotte is going to preschool. We went to the store and she picked out new shoes and a backpack that she can hardly wait to use. Matthew turns one next week.

My life has been all about babies and toddlers for the past few years. It is time for me to switch gears. Some days I am excited about the changes and other days I am sad and wistful. I have loved snuggling my fresh new babies, looking into their eyes and seeing nothing but hope and promises. I wondered what they would be like, who they would be. The changes are coming faster now. They challenge me. The push me. They require more energy than ever. I am getting more sleep than I ever have, but it is not enough! I am exhausted by the end of the day!

How can they grow so fast??


Ami said...

I didn't know Emmett was going to school. Did I miss a post or have you just been keeping secrets? :)

As for how can they grow so fast?
I do not know. I wish I did. I wish there was a way to at least occasionally get those small people to drop by for a hug, for an hour holding them on my lap and reading stories or snuggling up after bathtime and before bedtime.

Treasure every second.

kitten said...

They do grow so fast. I have 2 teens one one soon to be, but just yesterday they were my babies!
Beautiful write up, it was like a beautiful poem.
I think our Fall will come sooner this year. It don't cool off till mid September, but we have had so much rain and it's is cooler around here than the norm. Which is good.

Unknown said...

Ami--I have always wanted to homeschool Emmett but when we noticed how much his speech improved by having him in preschool we decided to enroll him in kindergarted too. I kind of homeschool now--the lessons we do to help his speech look a lot like kindergarten lessons. I feel like kindergarten is an extension of his therapy. Being around the other kids really helps his communication.