Thursday, August 28, 2008

And so it begins.......

......The battle to get Emmett what he needs.

I got a call from the Resource Teacher at Emmett's school yesterday. They want to delay his entry to school for at least two weeks. Reason? They haven't started looking for a helper for him yet.

WHAT? So, the forms I filled out, the meetings I went to, the conferences I had LAST WINTER were a big waste of time? I thought I did all of those things LAST WINTER so that there would be ample time to get Emmett's help lined up in time to start kindergarten with everyone else.

I shook my head, went to playgroup with a funny feeling in my gut. I talked about it with the other moms there. My instincts were right. This is not acceptable. Missing the first two weeks when all the social circles are formed is bad news. I phoned Richard I asked him to phone the school back using his Landlord Voice. (He is better at getting answers than I am when dealing with beurcrats) He got voicemail.

Later on in the day (after I found some second hand homeschooling curriculum to buy) I got a call from his teacher. She explained to me that they have been searching for someone who knows Sign Language and they are having a hard time with it. I told her with recent developments that probably won't be necessary. Emmett hardly signs anymore. We meet the teacher next week. Richard speaks with the Principal today.

Ugh. Is this just a taste of what having Emmett in public school is going to be? I am seriously doubting the wisdom of my decision to throw Emmett to the Public School System wolves now.

I still want those books, Wendy!!!!

(In happier news I am off to buy Char tap and ballet shoes right now. She is going to be soooooo cute in dance class!!!)


Ami said...

I'm not in your situation, so I can't go, "Well *I* would___."

But I have learned in my limited dealings with the school system that going to the school administration offices gets results.

The old and crude saying about shit rolling downhill is true.

Document everything, too. Every person you talk to, the time of day, how long you waited for a return phone call... the whole thing.

I don't know about the laws in your country, but they can't exclude a child here. It's their problem to be prepared.

I think you're right that all the kids developing their relationships for the next two weeks and not having Emmett involved would be not so good.

Please let us know what happens.

kitten said...

Bless your heart! I hope things turn out in your favor!
Just listen to your heart!

Wendy said...

Books are packed. I'm daring to venture out into the 90 degree weather tomorrow (which is probably a good idea, since we've got a Hannah coming our way for the weekend).