Thursday, August 30, 2007

See how I've grown!

9 weeks

30 weeks along

40 weeks (ignore the messy hair!!!)

My midwife just dropped off her rescusitation equipment and told me what I needed to do to my room to make it ready for birth. All I need to do now is go into labour!!


Anonymous said...

I'll send 'you're ripe, baby' vibes your way.


Ami said...

You're beautiful.
I wish I had a photo of my bare tummy full term. I do have some clothed ones.

Sending labor vibes your way.

April said...

Jen you look amazing, really. Its such a miracle...the way we come into this world. Such a crazy process. Talk to you soon :-)

Anonymous said...

Still looking beautiful! Looks like a boy to me!


kitten said...

Girl! You look good. I agree with Tara, looks like a boy. Here's sending good baby vibes. Let us know as soon as you are able.