Saturday, August 18, 2007

I am slowly going crazy.

Case #1

With the kids gone I took advantage of the quiet time to clean up their rooms. I changed the bedsheets and made up the beds. One day I wandered in to Char's room to close the window and noticed the comforter was messed up a little. I scratched my head and chalked up the messiness to pregnancy pudding brain and flipped the comforter back up again. A couple of days later, the same thing happens. Am I going nuts? Do I just THINK I am going to straighten the bed and then get sidetracked and forget to follow through? Am I losing my mind?

The mystery was solved last night when Mom and I were standing in Char's room, looking at the again messy comforter. Lucy strolled in with a purposeful look on her face, aiming for the bed. She saw us, her eyes got wide and then she turned around and walked out of the room as nonchalantly as a guilty Basset Hound could.

Case #2

So, I go to bed last night with the contractions I have been having for the past three days. I have learned to sleep through most of them. Around 0430 I start getting some that are harder to sleep through, and the baby is moving, AND suddenly I am hit with a wave of ravenous hunger. I head downstairs, stand and rock through a couple of the bigger ones, and pour a bowl of cereal.
Suddenly I am noticing how messy the kitchen is. I fill the sink with soapy water, wash up the dishes, scrub the counters, microwave and back splash and put everything away.
Next, I get it in my head I must try the new blueberry muffin recipe I saw in magazine I just got in my mailbox. Right now. I pull out mixing bowls and ingredients and soon there are blueberry cornmeal muffins baking in the oven. All the while my belly is working away, but the pains are getting less painful (darn it!) This doesn't stop me--do I think I should go back to bed and rest some more?? No! I remember there are strawberries going South in the fridge and I have a fabulous recipe for flaky strawberry muffins. As the blueberry ones are finishing up, soon I have a tray of bright pink muffins ready to go. Do I stop at two batches of muffins? Of course not! I remember how much I like another muffin recipe I have that calls for the little bits of cereal in the bottom of the boxes in your pantry. I wash the mixing bowl one last time and whip up a third batch of muffins. The muffins are now cooling, the kitchen is clean and I am waiting for Richard to get up so I can clean the bedroom floor since we have had painters walking up and down the stairs for the past two days. I can't stop moving!!!

Something just hit me--what kind of muffins did I just make? One batch is pink, and the other is blue. Coincidence? Am I completely off my rocker??


Ashlee Rose said...

You poor thing, I love ya.

Bobbi said...

You are a funny gal! Thanks for the chuckle And I awarded you something at my blog so I hope you'll stop by to get it.

pollyhyper said...

That's. just. awesome.