Thursday, August 9, 2007

I'm not missing you at all.

It is so quiet in my house.

I kissed my kiddies goodbye on Monday and so far am enjoying my new found freedom. I bought fabric yesterday. I picked up my knitting. I am going to get my beading supplies out. I have plans to go to the library. I cook delicious food the kids would turn their noses up at. I sleep in. I have reconnected with my husband. We found out we can still find things to talk about that aren't about the kids. I nap. I have reconnected with friends (and Margie the yarn store lady, ahem....).

Maybe the title is a bit misleading. I miss my kids, sure. But I am not worried about them because I know they are in capable, loving hands right now. The difference is that I am not pining for them.

So far so good!


April said...

Hey we need to have a date while you're kidless! Maybe Alf could take Josh for a while. :-)

pollyhyper said...

Enjoy your vacation!!!

Ashlee Rose said...


For real.

(Hi, miss me?)