Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Baby shower!

I belong to a very close-knit online community. It is so close-knit that I am not even going to mention it here. It is so close knit that even though the members are spread all over the world they pitch in together to celebrate everyone's milestones.

The baby showers are always amazing. I have had three now and they are always perfectly what you need. Emm's shower was a box of hand-decorated baby undershirts that I still have and use with my other babies--and remember fondly every time I use them. Char's shower consisted of a pre-decorated scrapbook, ready to have pictures pasted into and a side order of story books for Emmett.

That brings me to today. Today two lovely ladies came to my house from The City bringing with them a bounty of casserolles and stews. We sat and chatted like old friends even though we had just met for the first time in person today. It turns out we share a love of the Flight of the Conchords and hate how gender-specific the Sears Wishbook is. They were delivering what other members of the community contributed hard earned money towards the purchase of.

It is stunning and touching how a group of people can band together and help another person that they haven't even met. I have never seen the love and respect we have for each other in any other online community.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who contributed. I don't even know who it is since I am not allowed in the thread they started to organize this yet. You know who you are, though!

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