Wednesday, August 29, 2007

02:48 AM

I am waiting for you, Little One. You have kept me guessing about when you might decide to come out for weeks. You started giving me contractions yesterday morning but you haven't slowed down this time. Your big brother knows there is something special going on with Mommy. He hasn't joined me for a nighttime visit since you started your guessing games a couple of weeks ago. Tonight he wandered downstairs with a worried look on his face. Does he know something I do not? Does he know you already?

Things always happen at 0300 AM. The stirrings in my belly are getting stronger and harder to ignore.

We are ready for you, Little One.


Bobbi said...

Oh Jennifer! I'm keeping you in my thoughts today or rather until your little one makes an appearance!

Heather said...

Crossing my fingers and hoping today is the day! How exciting!

April said...

Jen!!! I just got shivers reading this. Praying for you.

kitten said...

Bless your heart.