Monday, August 6, 2007

My nest is empty.

Last year the kids went to The City to visit the grandparents that live there. The visit was so successful it was decided they should go every year. This year the plan was to send them in about a week. I got a phone call this morning from my Father in law. He wanted them today. To take to the family cabin Way Up North In The Boonies.

After a little freak out I packed them up and sent them on their way. I didn't even get a kiss goodbye from Emmett as he was too excited about the promise of boat rides to think about missing me. He was so excited in fact, when I got out a suitcase and put it on his bed he emptied his pyjama drawer into it, closed the lid and declared himself packed. I am relieved that they are comfortable enough with my in laws that they did not have to be pried away from me to get in the car. I just didn't realize how much I would miss them so soon.

Whatever will I do with myself? The in laws said they can keep them almost two weeks if we want them to. I was thinking of going Up North myself, to visit the new baby of my wonderful friend, but taking a trip seems quite daunting in my delicate condition. Richard is going to paint the house--I can help with the low bits. There is a quilt I started when I was pregnant with Emmett that needs finishing, books to read, and loafing to be done. Stores to explore that I could not with kids in tow. I may get out my sewing machine and make something new for the baby. Where do I begin?

I am not going to cry--that is the one thing I won't do. Nope. I just need to dust in this corner. That is why my eyes are wet. Really.

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Ami said...

That's an awfully long time. Not so much for them, maybe, but for MOM. I am sending my daughter to see her grandparents in a week, but she's 14 years old and never went away until last year.