Monday, June 18, 2007

TV time.

My parents have five (5!) televisions in their modest three-bedroom bungalow. Since we only have two and one gets no channels and the other gets three, one in French, this was a bit of a shock to my ears at first. Emm thought he was in Heaven.

Things I have learned by watching network TV for almost a week:

  • Having two TVs on in adjoining rooms on different channels really, really bugs me and gives me a headache.
  • There is still nothing to watch.
  • Ads are getting even crazier, and I am so glad we don't get "children's channels" where the ads are all crappy toys and sugar laden cereal.
  • The kids on the children's sitcoms are all snarky and rude and really bad influences. The parents are all doddering fools who have no control over their homes. This really gets on my nerves.
  • I miss watching reruns of Friends. (That will soon be remedied with a quick email to Richard!!)
  • I saw a shampoo ad that featured a woman breastfeeding. I am still trying to figure out if it sent a positive message about nursing. (the tag was " Pregnancy can make your boobs and hair flat. We can help with one......." They showed a before and after of a lady nursing her baby with messy hair and no makeup and then pretty hair, nice clothes and makeup still nursing her baby.)
  • I don't miss having cable and being a slave to a time slot to keep up with my favourite shows.


pollyhyper said...

We gave up tv (cable and antenna) 6 years ago and I rarely if ever actually miss it. I DO, I admit, watch a soap during lunch on workdays, and sneak in some HGTV at my folks' occasionally. And if we really are interested in a show, we'll watch it when it comes out on DVD. So I'm not totally weaned off the boob tube, but much more so than most people I know.
I remember when we were little, my parents told me how my dad's cousin didn't have a tv in their house, and they had 4 sons who never watched tv. I thought they must be from outer space or something. Now I think they were definitely on to something.
I think when I have kids I will definitely not deny them television, but in small doses, and probably on one small set in an inconvenient location, so that they will be more likely to do other things. Of course, I say this now, with no children, and what will probably happen is that I will eventually give birth to demonic screaming little babies who are only placated by Barney (my own worst enemy)!

Not Jenny said...

We still watch quite a bit of TV, but it is in the form of DVDs and downloads (I never missed an episode of Grey's Anantomy!) What I like is that I can control what is in my house--no Barney, please! I also really like that Emm and Char's exposure to advertising has been minimized.

Heather said...

I've been seriously considering getting rid of regular tv for a while. When we got cable (only a few months ago) I was delighted at the educational programming available, and limited the kids' tv to only educational stations. Unfortunately, I'm starting to find they all have commercials too, and I don't much care for a lot of them. But if we get rid of cable, I'll have to order a tv guide just for DVD ideas.

April said...

Hmmm I didn't see the shampoo commercial but it offends me anyway. My sister has a friend that doesn't plan on breastfeeding due to potential "flatness". It kind of urks me when that is the only reason! The commercial reminded me.

Not Jenny said...

April--I guess your sister's friend doesn't know that it's not breastfeeding that makes your breasts saggy--it's pregnancy. She had just better double up on birth control if she wants her girls to stay perky for as long as possible. (that reason for not nursing really bugs me too, by the way)