Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Things you think about......

......When you are up in the night willing a storm to pass over your house and leave it unscathed:
  • It's a good thing I did the floors yesterday because whoo boy, am I going to be tired later today!
  • How can Char sleep through this, but can't sleep through any other night?
  • I really need to wash my curtains (noted when sitting by the window makes you sneeze from the dust)
  • I really should get Richard to take the kitchen curtains down in the morning and get started.
  • I need to buy new curtains for our bedroom.
  • I need to go to Value Village and drop off the junk that has been sitting in the front entranceway of the house for a week. (noted when pacing through the house and you see the pile)
  • Even though the satellite images on the weather website say the storm has passed, why am I still up???
  • How can Char sleep when her room sounds like a wind tunnel? (noted when I laid down beside her for a minute to make sure she was ok. She didn't budge.)
  • Seriously. Why is she sleeping so well tonight but not any other night?
  • Why did I let myself listen to the "live from Elie, Manitoba" broadcast on the radio yesterday? I was better off not knowing how bad it got there. (wanna see? check out the video someone took.)
  • I am gonna have to phone mom tomorrow and let her know we are ok.


pollyhyper said...

JC Penney has really great curtains, believe it or not.

Not Jenny said...

Alas, there is no JC Penny (or Target) in Canada. I have been going to Wal-mart and Zellers for my cheap wall coverings.