Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Seven more random things....

For SV, because she is a sweetie and I can't say no to her.

1. I met Pauly Shore in Minot Airport when I was on a high school band trip. I had no idea who he was at the time, but a friend of mine was freaking out about him so I went up and asked for his autograph. My class shared a plane with him to LA. When we got home I watched Encino Man and recognized him.

2. I learned to knit when I was a wee sprog at my Grandma's knee. I went hardcore through Junior High and even completed a fair-isle sweater in 4 colours. I took a break through high school and early adult hood and only started to really try to push myself again in these past couple of years.

3. My oldest boy was conceived on our wedding night. He is the wedding gift I never wrote a thank you note for!!

4. I read cookbooks like some people read novels. The last cookbook I read and enjoyed was Feast, by Nigella Lawson. She writes recipes that are fun to read but can be infuriating to make since her measurements are often quite vague and the instructions are written in a very conversational style.

5. My tolerance for grossness goes up if I am wearing scrubs. I have an awesome poker face at work and can keep my shit together until a crisis is averted. I tend to freak out at home more.

6. I have become hopelessly addicted to Facebook. Seriously. I think I may need some sort of intervention so I get my housework done.

7. A friend is coming over with homemade cookies for me just because I "was nice to her". I am baffled that that is all it takes to get cookies and also incredibly touched.

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