Tuesday, June 26, 2007

She will never doubt me again.

Lately to help prevent a bedtime tantrum when Charlotte asks to watch TV shows we have taken a new tactic. Instead of saying "No. It's bedtime. You can't watch TV." We tell her Dora or Blue (her usual two requests) have gone to bed so she can't watch. She is pretty OK with that and there is usually no debate.

Last night at bedtime when she asked for Dora we told her the usual line--Dora was in bed sleeping so there was no show to watch. After that I picked Charlotte up and carried her off to bed. Who do we see waiting for us when we get to her room? Dora! A Dora doll had been tossed into her bed at some point in the day. Char smiled, tossed her beloved Bear aside (shocking!) snuggled Dora and we did not hear a peep out of her after that.

I need to find a Blue doll now.

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