Sunday, January 7, 2007

Thinking out loud.

We looked at two houses today and Richard is ready to make an offer on one. 5 bedrooms, almost 2000 square feet of space, big yard with a deck and big garage, central air. He doesn't think we need to look anymore.
It has been on the market a really long time and 10k has been knocked off once . Our realtor is so sure our house will sell quickly he isn't even going to list it until we find a house we want to make an offer on.
I am feeling anxious. How can we make up our minds after only seeing two houses??
I got a "creepy" feeling walking through it. Maybe burning sage would help that--as well as throwing out all of the stinky plugin air fresheners that were everywhere (what are they hiding??)
big yard with deck and garage
mud room with shelves and cupboards
new cherry cabinets in sunny kitchen (and lots of them)
huge living room with adjacent den and seperate sitting room off main entranceway
formal dining room (add dining room table and china cabinet to shopping list)
room to grow

second floor splits off into two wings with two bedrooms one one side and three on the other--I feel like I would be too far away from whoever is sleeping in the opposite wing from me
wiring looks wonky--will have someone look at it
two bedrooms are without closets
no bathroom on the main floor
roof looks sort of saggy from a certain angle

Things that must be changed:
most of the main floor is this colour--walls and carpet. There are two layers of carpet and pad in the living room/den
the kitchen is covered in dark green and burgandy plaid wallpaper with a Kountry Kitten border
One of the upstairs bathrooms is sponge painted pink and green with stencilled roses
One of the upstairs bedrooms is stencilled with palm leaves and kokopelli The previous owner really loved sponge painting and stencilling.
I want to know what the hardwood looks like under all the carpeting


Mama B said...

Maybe some of your "hmm wait a minute" has to do with the length of the "must change" list. That's a fairly hefty list to be looking at doing right after moving/while moving.

If its been on the market awhile with no buyers can you have your realtor check the interest level? If there's no real or solid interest from another party maybe you can give yourselves an extra week to continue to look around.

my 2cents which may not be worth even that much!

Good luck on your house-hunt!

Angie said...

The one bedroom in the other wing away from the others -think privacy for mommy and daddy. ;-)