Monday, January 29, 2007

Time for an update.

It has been a while since I have posted, hasn't it? Life has been a whirlwind of cleaning and showings lately. No offers yet, but we have two weeks left before we lose the house we made an offer on. I won't be too sad if we lose it. I really like our house and am getting all sorts of mushy sentimental feelings about leaving it now.

Some good news: I now get several hours of respite care a week for the kids. We have waited for the proper bureaucratic channels to open, and now that they have, I have time every week for myself, and soon will have time for a weekly date night. I am so very happy about this. It has lifted a giant weight from my shoulders. I no longer have to worry about scheduling appointments and scrambling for child care.

One more thing...

Surprise! We found out over Christmas that Emmett and Charlotte will have a new companion at the end of the summer. This is what I look like today, at nine weeks and two days. Things are going really well so far--this baby seems to know that I don't have time to be sick. Except for bone crushing fatigue and the growth in front, I hardly feel pregnant at all.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jen! Happy news!


Anonymous said...

whao! CONGRATS!!! all the best through your pregnancy!


CTG said...

Oh you are just too cute. I know, awful thing to say, but you are.

Ami said...

Wow. I've said many times that I'd rather go through labor than move. It sounds like you'll be doing both within the next seven months.


Not Jenny said...

CTG--you are one of the few I won't want to kill for making cute comments--you are very lucky!! ami--hubby and I are becoming more and more ambivalent about selling. We have two weeks left before we lose the deal on the other house and quite honestly will be relieved if we do.