Sunday, January 7, 2007

Big Changes Ahead

Well, the mob has spoken. Mirabella lace it is. That one was my favourite anyway. I have had a bad case of startitis. I am getting bored of my works in progress, but I don't know what to start. I started a little had for the Dulaan project but ended up scrapping it. My shawl is not tempting me right now and The Scarf needs bribery of the chocolate kind to be appealing at all. I am knitting the heel gussets on my Jaywalker sock right now and strongly resisting the urge to cast on another sock (maybe the Mirabella, maybe something plain in some of the pretty striped yarn I have) I have also been hearing my lace scarf call to me. Maybe it is time to give that another go.

Ok, I mentioned changes. Well, we are going house hunting today. We have three prospects in mind--one that is two blocks away from where we are living now. I walked past it yesterday to scope out the exterior and yard. It looks very promising. It is an old brick house with a big fenced yard and by the looks of the chimney there is a fireplace inside. One of the other houses is on a cul-de-sac in a suburb. Hubby and I never thought of ourselves as suburbanites. Still don't. We may have to adapt though. As our kids grow we are realizing the necessity of having a bigger yard. Hopefully we won't have trouble selling the house we are in. There are lots of good things about it.

This is giving me the push I need to really purge our belongings and organize our stuff. I am back on the Flylady bandwagon and so far so good. My sink isn't always shiny, but the mouldings in my dining room are clean and my entranceway is actually welcoming right now. I also know for a fact that every single plastic container in my pantry has a matching lid.

I know that my kitchen is what is going to make or break a sale, so I have to clear out the pantry and most of the shelves. I will probably be asking my Grandma and Mother in Law if I can store extra bakeware in their basements until we move now. I have watched the shows on The Learning Channel and Home and Garden--I know what I need to do to stage my house for sale.

Oh, I have to run--I have gotten lazy over Christmas Break. I have to go conjure up some Sunday School lessons now. Anyone know any fun stuff about John The Baptist?

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