Saturday, January 20, 2007

My Little Mountain Climber

Yesterday Char called me after her nap. Her cry was a little more insistant than usual. When I went up to get her she was sitting on the change table that is beside her crib. I swear I put her in the crib at the beginning of her nap! The change table has now been pushed across the room as I am not prepared to have Char out of the crib just yet.

De-cluttering and cleaning has been switched into high gear. After a round of negotiations an offer has been made and accepted on the house we want. Since it is an offer condtional on the sale of the house we are living in, the homeowners can contiunue to look for another buyer. This is putting a feeling of urgency on preparing this house for sale. The sooner we find a buyer the sooner I can stop scrubbing things with a toothbrush! The realtor is coming on Monday morning to take pictures to post at the mls website. I will be cramming a lot of random things in closets and such--I need our rooms to look as clean and spare as the rooms in home decorating magazines. I will be spending my Sunday afternoon stripping the wallpaper in Char's room. She has already started the job so I know I must finish it. I have been dreading this job more than I dreaded cleaning the oven. Emm's room needs to be stripped too, but the tears in his wallpaper are not as obvious, so it can wait until after the pictures are taken.

Well, I am off to buy some fabric softener--my mom's secret weapon for wallpaper removal.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the cleaning. Do be careful though that you don't make the closets look too small - a lot of realtor recommend renting a storage unit, but that just isn't practical for a lot of people.

Hope the wallpaper went well.

Unknown said...

The cramming in closets was just for the pictures. I have since taken everything out of the closets and am storing it at hubby's office. He has an empty room there that we have been filling with our extra junk. It is like having a free storage locker that is heated and has a security system! Wallpaper is an ongoing headache. 4 hours of scraping and only one wall done. Ugh.